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Video [18'28]

Czech Republic 2019

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Photo © Jack Laing Aiken

The short video Picaro is a fiction-based story in which I tried to experience and imagine the effects of a contaminated environment on the human body and its behaviors. The story is about a human-being finding himself lost in a contaminated environment. To survive in this new and unknown situation, Picaro must evolve new ways of behavior and adapt to his surroundings. By wearing masks and a protective suit against the rising toxicity in the area, he can explore the forgotten ghost-scapes and with the use of modified gadgets and tools he takes examples from nature to analyze them later in his laboratory. His aim is to redraw a new map of consciousness against the unknown nature and his lost memories. 

Picaro reflects in a primitive way the necessity of the individual, who is always searching for answers to explain and understand the current situation or innovate and modificate new surviving methods.

birds have grown weary of these barren lands

sounds which used to sweep these hills

have been evicted


leaving only a putrid silence

to ward off any strays




the sun's rays are being held captive

smeared by the thickening haze


maybe I passed 40 miles today

trailing the heels of twilights endless march




the hollowing of my innards suggests

  I should turn back soon

despite my precautions, these barren lands


     will dispose of me

samples from this far afield

will need time to acclimatise

but supplies must be replenished back on

            the south bound trail




the coordinates where right

I supposed to go up north


more to the north

here, one might have thought

he lost his perception of






coarse air strips the atmosphere

of all familiar inhalations

rarely seen chaos

takes form in forgotten shapes,


          forgotten lands,

and forgotten selves.




when seeing the flow gone poor

I was sticking flowers between its fracture




poem written by Jack Laing Aiken & Nicolas Prokop

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