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‘Asociace Prostoru' (‘association space’) aims to transfer the way of perceiving art onto environmental experience by communicating this idea artistically

and theoretically.

By displaying site specific interventions, the series of ‘exhibitions’ focusses on the ‘exhibited’ space or environment itself rather than showcasing art works in the common practice of exhibiting.

The installed works are engaging with their surroundings and underlining its properties in order to promote an experience of engagement with and in ones’s surroundings. Spatial awareness emerges by enhancing the perception of the environment though offering a perspective on it.

Virtually mapped on site, an accompanying audio-essay accessible through QR codes connects theory, research and artistic interventions to the chosen location.

The project was founded by Isabell Alexandra Meldner, Nicolas Prokop, Hugo Chmelař and Noemi Liborová in 2019.

for more visit asociace prostoru

Photo © Asociace Prostoru

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