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MgA. Nicolas Prokop is a Czech-German multidisciplinary artist, currently residing in Athens but based in Prague. He finished his masters in the studio of Fine Arts I lead by Zuzana Jakalova and Dominik Lang at the Academy for Arts, Design and Architecture in Prague, 2023.

Prokop mainly works in the medium of installation, often engaging with the immediate environment or further including sound and video, but clearly originating in sculpture. In coherence of topics and approach, his works are site specific, interventions in public space or performative; generally drawing attention to the processual nature of things, interweaving topics with the process of creation and materiality. His artistic practice is often based on natural materials with a strong focus on dématérialisation and re-materialization in an organic aesthetic. Through his practise he is creating imaginations of other habitats, microscopic world views or inter-species relations, through a research-based approach.

Besides his artistic practice, he is co-founder and member of the international collective Leštnice z.s., the multidisciplinary event series Priaum and a resident Dj of Prague's renowned club Ankali.


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sel. exhibitions       

 2023         to nejlepší z obou světů - Sýpka, Hradec Králové, CZ*

                Diplomky a bakalářky - Umprum, Prague, CZ*

                 Logika Růstu - MUD Benešov, CZ*

 2022         Stranger Flowers - Neone, Prague, CZ*

                Field Research - Spolkový Dům, Slavonice, CZ*

 2021         Self Call - ok_transit, Wien, AT*

                Breeding Acari: Meet My Mate Mite, When The Moon Shines - Galerie Nika, Prague, CZ°

                Soft_Spot - Ankali, Prague, CZ*

                If you feed me, then I feed you - M3 Festival, Kafkarna, Prague, CZ*

 2020         I am creative, I know how to make holes, I can manage basic graphics,

                don't have a driver's license, I actively use the English language -

                Jeleni Gallery, Prague, CZ*

                Asociace Prostoru: Nature, nature, let me see - Park Cibulka,Prague, CZ*

 2019         Soup Opera - MEME Gallery, Athens, GR*

                        Wet Noodles in Fluffy Sauce - The Solution, Prague, CZ*

                When I Sleep, He Dreams of Edible Vegetables - Limestone Fabric, Prague, CZ*

                Daydreaming in Vacuum - The Solution, Invalidovna, Prague, CZ*

 2018         LAVILLALAVILLALAVILLALALALA - Off Space, Prague, CZ*

                OutsideInsideOutsideInside - Stadt Wehlen, DE*


 2017         Pokoje - Hybernská 4, Prague, CZ*

                Anamnéza Pozorovatele - Colloredo-Mansfeld Palace, Prague, CZ*

                 Primitive Families, Extraordinary Habits and Normal Abuse - Galerie DOOKA, Prague, CZ°

 2015         Open Studios - Alte Wiede-Fabrik, Munich, DE*

 2014         Art Crime - Alte Wiede-Fabrik, Munich, DE*

                                           Group* / Solo°




 2023         Summer School Maříž meets Floating University Berlin, DE*

Field Research - Büro für gute Maßnahmen, Dresden, DE*

Pět cest / Five Ways - Vltavská
, Prague, CZ*

, Late-Night TV - Karpuchina Gallery, Prague, CZ°

                 Picaro - PloktaTV, Amsterdam, NL*

 2020          Next Generation - Symposium, Fratres, AT*

 2019         Summer School Maříž - Torhaus Galerie, Stadt Wehlen, DE*

 2017         Antény ruce: Protokoly z mimo-smyslové estetiky - Ateliér Josefa Sudka, Prague, CZ*

   2016         Black Skin, White Masks - Churchill Square, Prague, CZ°

                Group* / Solo°


 2023         Summer School Maříž - Maříž, CZ

                GRAS Symposium - Kafkarna – Centre for Arts and Ecology, Prague, CZ

 2022          Field Research - Maříž, CZ

                A View from the Edge of a Pasture - Bratislava, SK

                ReEDOcate Me - Floating University, Berlin, DE

 2021         Farmstudio - Vysoka, CZ

 2020         Next Generation - Maříž, CZ

 2019         Summer School Maříž - Maříž, CZ

                Metis. The Wave In Mind And Fugitive Planning - Tilos, GR


 2020/2023  Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, MgA. Fine Arts I, Prague, CZ


 2021/22     University of Applied Arts, Site-specific Studio, Vienna, AT

 2018/19     School of Fine Arts, Studio of  Sculpture III, Athens, GR

 2017/18     Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, Studio of SuperMedia, Prague, CZ

 2016/2020  Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design, BcA. Studio of Sculpture, Prague, CZ

 2015         Scholastika, Studio of Sculpture & Painting, Prague, CZ








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