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Part of "Nature, Nature, Let Me See, Sometimes Your Trees Just Hipnotize Me"'

Park Cibulka, Prague, 2020

detail creature.jpg

The entirely site specific, hybrid work is reshaping the environment, taking its substance and composing it in new, man-made structures, resembling sculptures on a pedestal. By doing so, on one hand you could say the environment becomes objectified, by creating an art work out of its substance, but on the other hand, the emerging organic creatures are a view catcher which then lead on, into their environment, into which they disappear and integrate, almost indiscernible from it. It depends upon the viewer, either you approach it as a work of art in context of the exhibition event, or as part of the natural environment in which it remains. 

materials: earth, wire mesh, grass, hemp

Text by Isabell Alexandra Meldner

Group exhibition w/ith: Hugo Chmelař, Isabell Alexandra Meldner, Vojtěch Hlaváček, Noemi Langer

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