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Part of *Logika Růstu"
Museum of Arts and Design, Benešov,Cz 2023

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If You Feed Me, Then I Feed You is a long-term project based on a Vermicular system and consists out of many (modular) Vermicomposts. Each box has its specific purpose of housing worms, collecting produced liquids and gathering biological waste for the production of liquid fertilizer or nutritious soil.


The installation consists of the boxes assembled into 2 functioning worm farms which are interconnected through a system of tubes in order to imitate the worm’s natural habitat of underground tunnel systems and allowing the earthworms to maintain their usual moving behaviours, move in between the ‘farms’ and enlarge their habitat. Compost sculptures emerge into a city-like structure, made of differently scaled towers.


Additionally installed and aesthetically similar, concealed boxes serve for the production of a biological fertilizer as the next step of the composting process. Also known as the “Worm Tea”, the fertilizer is extracted from the cumulated worm cast.


During the exhibition, the museum's stuff was taking good care of the worms.

materials: y-tong, wire, paper pulp, plastic boxes

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